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New Unionville & Western Railroad
Scale Structures along the line
MONON's Midland Tower by Mike Jenkins, Pete Pedigo, Bill Lesburg and Kent Bolerjack

This is a picture of the Midland Tower at the junction of the MONON's I & L Division and the Southern Indiana (later Milwaukee Latta Sub).  Mike Jenkins is building us a 1/4 scale model of this structure to use as our dispatchers office on the New Unionville and Western Railroad.  See pictures below. 

Mike started out with a standard modern crossing signal cabinet that came from Bloomington Indiana when CSX abondoned and removed the railroad through town.  This cabinet was at the crossing on Walnut St. which protected the east leg of the wye in Mcdoel Yard.
The beginning of this project was to cut the holes for the windows.  Mike then custom made all of the window sashes. He made hundreds of pieces of wood for the siding and used Lexan for the windows. 
Completed Midland Tower Project
After a year in the making the MONON Midland Tower Project is completed and in place on the New Unionville and Western Railroad.  One of the major parts of this project was the scale brick on the outside of the tower.  This involved several people and several months.  The scale brick was pressed into a special Polyurethane sheeting.  Bill Lesburg  and Kent Bolerjack built a hydraulically powered machine for the NEWX that rolled the imprint of the
face of the brick into 12" x 8' long sheets of the material. Each sheet was then tongue and grooved by Mike and each brick was individualy painted.
Inside the Tower
Construction pictures
This tower is designed for card order and train dispatching operations.  Our Radio man Don Smith has built us a state of the art communications system for our dispatching trains. We have FRS and GMRS capabilites permanently built into the tower.  We recommmend the Motorola Distance
Radios due to their large speakers, external speaker/microphone and dual FRS/GMRS capability. 
This is the brick machine for rolling scale brick into the polyurethane sheeting. We have made a second size brick, 1/8th scale to use on our roundhouse project.