New Unionville & Western Railroad
Scale Structures along the line
L & J Coal Mine #353 by Jerry Jenkins
Jerry lives in Coal mine country and designed this mine
using his memory of what some of the tipples looked like.
This is the second in a series of mines we are going to add on this branch of the railroad known as the Coal District.
This type of tipple was used at low output underground mines and the coal was conveyed from underground and loaded
directly into hoppers spotted under the tipple.
Left:  Jerry during the framing phase of the tipple.  His wife was  none too please he cast the concrete bases on the kitchen table.  But a guy has to do what a guy has to do.  Right:   Jerry Jenkins, Mike Jenkins and Bill Lesburg setting the tipple on the railroad.
Jerry Jenkins with the completed L & J Mine #353 on the Coal Branch of the New Unionville and Western Railroad.
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The L & J Mining Company has leased it's own locomotive for use in it's mines on the New Unionville and Western Railroad.
This 3 axle unit is owned by the Rick & Mike Leasing Company thus the reporting marks of RMLX.   This unit is fresh out of Backshop Cars overhaul shop in Clinton, Indiana with a total overhaul and new paint scheme.