New Unionville & Western Railroad
Scale Structures along the line
L & J Coal Mine #307 By Jerry Jenkins
Jerry designed and built this shaft  mine.  There were a lot of mines typical of this type of construction in the Clinton, Indiana area where Jerry lives. Back in the early days strip mining was rare. A mine like this would be hard pressed to load a couple of hoppers per day.  Thus it took  a huge number of mines operating to load an entire train.  This is the fourth mine built on the mine branch of the New Unionville and Western Railroad.
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Mike is great at making detail parts.  He made the red wheels on the wheel house out of a dense Urethane sign foam instead of wood.  The thought is that if the wheels were made of wood they would crack and deteriorate in the harsh outdoor Indiana environment. 

Mike Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins


   Final Assembly

Jerry Jenkins assembling and installing the mine on site with the help of his son Mike Jenkins in July of 2011.