Mass Concrete Tie Fabrication
Removing Ties from the Forms

Left:   After the ties had hardened overnight they can be removed from the forms. 

We recommend removal within 2 days.  The reason is a certain amount of cement cream or slurry is going to excape under the insert and solidify around the peg or pins.  After a couple of days prying up the ties off the pegs might damage the plastic mold since the cement will no longer be "green".

Using a pointed shovel pry the molds off the gang forms equally from side to side 1/4" inch at a time until each form is up and off the pegs.

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Below:  Pete Pedigo pulls the molds off the pins and Larry Walters shows how easily the concrete tie is removed from the mold. The finished tie actually falls out like and ice cube out of a freezer tray.
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