Concrete Tie Fabrication

We started fabricating and installing concrete ties in October of 2004.


Since we started making these ties and putting information up on this website several other groups have started making concrete ties in this manner.  Some have built different forms, but the peg and insert idea seems to be a common theme.  

We can factually dispel a few myths about concrete ties: 

1.   Trains do not make more noise  when running on concrete ties.  They are
       actually quieter.  Our ties are 6" on center and they are quieter than our
       wood ties.  A wider spacing might create a harmonic sound in the rail,
       but we do not have that problem.

2.   Concrete Ties are not hard to make .  But do take longer to make. It is not
       rocket science.

3.   We are not having a "reaction " between the aluminum rail, galvanized tie plate 
      and or the screw and concrete tie.

4.   There are no maintenance issues, they are keeping the track where we want it

5.   They are not cost prohibitive .  They are as cheap as wood if you get free rebar
      from someone.  Most times all you have to do is ask at a construction site. 

6.   We do wish we had started using them from the beginning.  


Click on all photos for a larger version.
If you are against making concrete ties, that is fine. But do not make up a reason. We are making them and they are working fine.  Much better than wood and way cheaper than plastic.

No doubt most concrete ties you have ever seen were irregular and fairly ugly.  That is not the case with the ties we are making.  They are all uniform in color, texture and size.

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