New Unionville & Western Railroad
Scale Structures along the line
Boggs Mine No. 1 by Donnie Cain
Donnie designed and built this draft mine to fit a location we had picked out on the hill side above mine branch along the main line.  Back in the old days a mine like this would be hard pressed to load a couple of hoppers per day.  Thus it took  a huge number of mines operating to load an entire train. 
Donnie's mothers maiden name was Boggs. The family worked
coal mines in Kentucky before migration north to Indiana. So as a tribute to his hertiage he name this mine Boggs Mine.
Donnie Cain assembling and installing the mine on site in July 2011 during one of the hottest record setting high temperature streaks on record.  This day it was 96 degreess, except in front of the scale fan......